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Email Marketing

You can sell almost anything with a good email marketing campaign

The difference between failure and success are the tools that you use. You can sell digital files or hard goods.

You can promote your supermarket or corner mom and pop breakfast restaurant.

laptop bed www.Mail-Room.bizHow about home crafts? You can promote your club or group or a charity with a

newsletter that actually doesn't get bounced back or end up in a spam folder.

Stay home and work on the computer in your pajamas if you like.

Many people have tried to start an email campaign and had nothing but trouble

with emails ending up in people's spam box and unattractive emails that fall flat.

If you send out 10 or 250 or 500 emails, how do you know who got them, or if

they didn't open them at all?

Did someone open it and click on your ad in the email?

Many times the emails bounce back... What happened?

It would be worth a fortune to be able to control that ... Good news... You can! I use Aweber, and I am very impressed.

You can create beautiful e-mails or create an e-newsletter with their templates or edit to make your own and send them out from Aweber.

Then get statistics in the site telling you who clicked and who didn't.

Aweber emails don't like spam boxes.

Find out who looked at ads etc. That is like magic.

There is so much more.

This page was going to be an attempt to explain the program, but of course they can do it better themselves.

Click the link to see for yourself what Aweber can do for you.

Let me leave you with this. I am very impressed.
Check out this video.
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