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Skype and QQ etc.

Skype is a software app that allows people to make video and audio calls over the internet for free.

When you call someone else on Skype it is free for them, as well.
You can download Skype and register. It has a lot of useful features but...
The Skype Premium Package allows you to have more valuable services such as free unlimited calls to telephones within USA and Canada (If you have a 3 month or 12 month subscription).
A fun thing to do is make group video conference calls with as many as 10 people at once.

The Skype Premium package also gets you live chat support..

So you need a computer with a microphone and a web cam and an internet connection.

Check out the Skype How To Video.

You can send files and pictures and do Instant Messaging as well as video calls.

qq logo - www.Mail-Room.bizQQ

QQ is a video chat software application that was created and used in China and by many Chinese ex-pats living in USA and all over the world.
Way back in mid year 2011, there were already more than 800,000,000 regular users.

The video chat works with a web cam and a mic as Skype does.
It offers something special, a chat feature with instant translation to 50 languages!

You can set up the user interface page in just about any language. Anyone in the world can use it to talk to just about anyone else in the world regardless of the language barrier.

You can send someone file folders and receive them as well - no Zip required.

This American author has used it at a campground in Canada with weak WIFI yet managed to show people in China the area and camp site by walking around with the laptop with built in web cam and microphone.

腾讯首页是中国浏览量最大的中文门户网站,是腾讯公司推出的集新闻信息、互动社区、娱乐产品和基础服务为一体的大型综合门户网站。腾讯网服务于全球华人用户, ...

Here you can learn about QQ if you only read Chinese.

Go the the English language web site for QQ

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