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Social Networks and Messaging

Begun in 2004,

Facebook is a social networking service and Web site.

Long ago at the end of 2011 it had nearly a billion users. Now that number has increased remarkably.

To use facebook you go to the site and register then create a profile.

Then you find other people you may know on face book and add them as friends.
There is a lot of interaction between people on "The Wall", a bulletin board type device that changes as new additions are posted.

You have to be 13 years old to use the site, but there is no way to prove your age, so it seems to be a wide open field as there are millions of underage kids on the site.

Originally the site was for Harvard University students, but it soon opened up to the world.

Created by Mark Zukerberg and Eduardo Savarin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

Zukerberg managed to wrestle the whole deal away from the others for himself.

The movie "The Social Network" tells the story of it's creation. The world loves Facebook.

google+ social site - www.Mail-Room.bizThe Google Site Google+
Google entered the race to compete with Facebook for some of the action.

At this time, we are still waiting to see if they can beat Facebook.

Some people jumped ship from Facebook to join Google+ in October.

Facebook had changed the way people had to interact with it, which led to their aggravation.

Began in August 2003 in an effort to copy some of the better features of Friendster.

It was then bought up for $580,000,000 by News Corporation in July 2005. Nice money for the creators!

From then until 2008 it was the #1 social networking site.

In June of 2006, it had more visitors than Google.

In 2011, Myspace had over 33 million visitors a sign of the constant decline in traffic since Facebook etc grabbed a lot of the action.

Sadly for the 1,600 employees, in 2009, many lost their jobs, and then the whole shebang was run by only 200 people.

It is currently owned by Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake who bought it on June 29th, 2011, for a measly $35,000,000.

Twitter exploded on the scene and became a hit all over the world.

It was instrumental in organizing the rebels in more than one social revolution where a dictator was eventually overthrown.

Consider the overthrow of Libyan Leader Moammar Ghadaffi and Egypt's Hosni Mubarak who ended up on trial.

Limited to 160 characters per message. It is a form of social texting.
To use Twitter is to "Tweet".

People can post images and text for people who "follow" them to see.

Sign up for "Twitter" and follow interesting people and their posts or friends and family.

Many famous people are on twitter.

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