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Texting or SMS or TMS

Use a Droid, Iphone, Blackberry, cell phone, PDA, Pager, etc to send a short text message.

Depending what part of the world you live in it could be called one of these as the colloquial term.

Americans say "Texting" but in parts of Asia and Europe they tend to call it SMS or in some parts TMS..

You can use text to do a lot of things now.

Originally it was just for short messages, but as things change it can be used to vote in competitions, order products and services online, etc..

As the image shows, people with large fingers have trouble with the small tightly packed keys or touchpad keyboards, causing some people to abandon the idea and revert to voice calls or laptop or computer keyboards.

Texting is a silent and often discrete way to send a message.

However, texting remains very popular and more so with young people (they have smaller fingers and a lot more time to spend or waste chatting with friends and developing their social connections).

Companies are now jumping on the bandwagon and are sending junk mail texts and spamming, so we are inundated with more aggravation as the technology grows.

By definition, the texter sends a message to the textee.
Needless to say, the messages are limited in length, so a short hand has developed.

Texting Shorthand
U = you b4n = bye for now B = be
2 = to BAK = back at keyboard B4 = before
2day = today BBW = big beautiful woman :-) = smile
20 = location BC = because ;-) = wink
303 = mom B/Cc = because :-@ = screaming
2b@ = to be at BF - boyfriend or best friend (*o*) = surprised
2moro = tomorrow CYA = see ya (^_^) = cute
2nite = tonight CIAO = goodbye (Italian) ZZZ = sleeping
2u2 = to you too CUOL - see you online XXX = kisses
404 = I haven't a clue EFFIN - f**cking x = kiss
411 = information F2F = face to face @ = at
420 = marijuana FB = facebook 9 = parent is watching
459 = i love you FO = f**k off 99 = parent no longer watching
4COL - for crying out loud FSBO = for sale by owner ? = I have a question
4EAE = forever and ever GR8 = great ?^ = hook up
4ever = forever GTG = got to go IMO = In my opinion
4eva = forever LOL = laugh out loud IMHO = In my honest opinion
4Q = F**k You ILU = I love you iou = I owe you
LMAO = Laugh My Ass Off 5  0 = police mia = missing in action
Smiley faces    
) = smile :-) = smile with nose 8-) = smile with sunglasses
:) = smile no nose ;-) = wink and smile :-( = sad
Some programs translate the text into emoticons for you  
sad emoticon -
Links to more shorthand Link to more emoticons  
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